Music is taught in every class throughout the school and every child is encouraged to join in and enjoy making music. Activities taught include singing and playing instruments.

In FS2 and KS1, the emphasis is on playing games to reinforce learning about pulse, rhythm, volume, speed and pitch. The children develop confidence and concentration and are given the opportunity to be musical leaders.

In KS2, previously taught concepts are developed further and also extended to include structure, texture, timbre and duration, (now known as the "inter-related dimensions of music"). Instruments are used in every class, ranging from untuned percussion to chime bars and belle-plates. Year 3 children learn the recorder and year 5 pupils learn how to read music and play the ukulele.

Class topics are often used as a stimulus and children are encouraged to be creative by using improvisation and composition skills.

Woodwind, guitar and brass lessons are taught on an individual or small group basis throughout KS2.

Performing is very important and opportunities are provided for children to perform individually, in small groups or whole classes. Musical concerts usually take place in the autumn and summer terms, and our choir performs in the Young Voices concert in the spring.

Music can be enjoyed by every child and can also improve confidence, concentration, self-esteem, co-operation, achievement and social interaction.

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