Charges and Remissions

A full copy of the Governing Body’s “Charging Policy” is available on request. The main points are listed below:

  • Damage/Breakages – In certain cases, parents may be asked to pay for these when they are the direct result of a pupil’s behaviour.

  • Day Visits – During the course of the school year, many visits are organised for all classes. These form an essential part of the curriculum. The cost of these is kept to a minimum and may be completely free. When there is a cost involved, in theory it must be optional, and no child will be prohibited from going on such a visit on the grounds of no payment being made. However, parents  should be aware, that if some children do not pay,  the cost for everyone else will increase and will sometimes mean that a visit might be cancelled.

  • Residential Visits – These have always had a high priority in our school and they benefit the children enormously. Parents should rest assured that the cost is always kept to a minimum. The school subsidises these visits and we would like parents to allow their child the chance to experience them.

  • It may be necessary to ask parents to provide their child with protective clothing for such activities as art or baking (an apron or an old shirt) and also to provide specialist clothing for P.E. and games. Optional items such as baking, sewing, models, which the children bring home, will not be charged for by the school.

School Fund

From time to time, we organise activities such as raffles and sponsored walks to raise money for the school fund. This money goes towards Christmas activities, educational visits, visits from theatre groups etc. as well as items of equipment that cannot be afforded from the school budget. 

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Our Vision

Our vision for Aston Fence is one of high standards achieved through the creative nature of the curriculum offered to children, the sense of purpose, relevance and the excitement in learning to which children are constantly and consistently exposed.

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